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Anyone selling tickets for SMTown 2012 in Anaheim? 

I’m looking for 2 tickets next to each other~
Help me~ ^^

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I’m back…well somewhat~

#no one care...but yeah ^^

vpop =.=

#why in the world would you talk in mandarin when you're singing in Vietnamese?! #one of the reason why I'm don't like vpop that much

Shinhwa's 10th Album The Return Autographed Giveaway 

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>Price: $25
>Shipping: [Free Shipping] USA - No International Order Accepted
>Size: S,M,L,XL
>How To Preorder: [CLICK] 
>Accepting: Checks, Money Order, Concealed Cash, Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards
>Preorder closes on: Sunday, April 22th
*If you already made payment, and want to cancel the preorder, money will not be returned. 
>Please read the FAQ before ordering
>Customers Reviews
>Ask if you have any question

maybe this is the best for all…



Kangin with ELF - A Short Journey

A Journey is best measured in friends rather than miles. The Journey was rather long and so was our patience, and now God is smiling down upon us, saying, “Yes, you are all worth it.”

aww thats sad to hear that you might close down, when will the feb bacth will come :<

all of my suppliers should ship my order to Charmaine unnie soon ^^

kpopstationery replied to your post: I might close down this shop after I ship out all…
what nooooo don’t do it!

TT~TT I’m sorry…



I just feel like burden for my parents with me having this shop :/

I might close down this shop after I ship out all Feb Batch orders…


Supplier 2’s Buyers Please READ! 

Due to my supplier busy schedule, she is unable to take our order. I will send out your refund on Monday. When Feb Batch arrive, I will send each one of you a keychain base on your customize bracelet. If you want to receive a different bias on the keychain please message me right away!

#supplier 2 #update

I want to cry TT~TT
after I send in the order form…my suppliers said they have the stocks and now they said ran out of stocks ;A;
why didn’t they count before telling me this?…


I really don't wanna sound mean/rude/bitchy or anything like that, but I contacted you by email saying that I wanted to cancel my feb batch order (witch you did cancel)...but I did't received the refund... =( I know you guys are busy plus you have a personal life and I understand. But I was wondering when am I going to receive the refund...

Please contact me unanon~ Sorry it probably slip my mind that you already paid ,_,